We offer companies different services....

Transport / chartering, stocking platform, logistics base, etc...

We can deal with left-over stocks, transport damage, articles that couldn't be sold on behalf of your customers, end of ranges, packaging changes.

Thousands of parcels are delivered everyday in Europe and across the world.
Transshipment can cause unpleasant inconveniences.....
Your customers need to find a way out with their unsold items....

We are willing to set up a true partnership with you, based on:


Our services can provide you with a quick, efficient solution to problems such as transport damage or unsold items, for interesting fees.

We offer two options to deal with your transport damage or unsold items :
  • Option 1 > accurate stock-taking of your goods, transport damage within your premises.
  • Option 2 > we can stock your transport damage in our warehouse.
Every left-over stock dealt with by our company will be immediately settled to you ( don't worry: we have excellent bank references)

The goods are exclusively sold in one of our "TOUSTOCKS" factory outlets. No brand is advertised and the goods are sold among many others, discretion and traceability are therefore guaranteed.

  • quick and easy collection across France
  • goods' traceability
  • discretion on manufacturers
  • stock-taking with detailed list
  • openness in our offers
  • more than 30 years of experience

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